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US Adds to Subsidies as it Complains About Subsidies

US Adds to Subsidies as it Complains About Subsidies

The US government will provide up to $12 billion in aid to American farmers hurt by the retaliatory tariffs imposed by trading partners, US Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced Tuesday.

These actions are aimed “to assist farmers in response to trade damage caused by illegal retaliatory tariffs,” Perdue told reporters.

He said this is a “short-term” solution to help farmers and give President Donald time to negotiate a longer term trade deal.

It was the first recognition by the administration that the president’s trade dispute is hurting Americans. Perdue said the department estimated damage to the agriculture sector at $11 billion.

Trump has in recent months engaged in a multifront trade confrontation, imposing steep tariffs on steel, aluminum and tens of billions of dollars in Chinese goods, which sparked swift retaliation against key US farm products like soy and pork.

Under the three USDA aid programs, farmers will either receive direct payments or sell their excess production to the government, Perdue said. In addition, the government will work to open new markets.

This will aid producers of soy, sorghum, corn, wheat, pork, dairy, fruit, rice and nuts, all products hit by tariffs imposed in response to US action.

The actions “are a firm statement that other nations cannot bully our agricultural producers to force the United States to cave in,” Perdue said.

“The correct action from other nations would be to stop their bad behavior not to retaliate with illegal tariffs.”

So who is cheating?

Well the bad news is everyone is cheating, most of the modern Trade issues can be traced back to 2010 and Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve, saying the US is pursuing a policy of weakening its currency, and so they did.

The artificial lowering of the currency, the excesses the Fed in liquidity measures during the never-ending bail out and the manipulation of interest rates are all part of the practice of cheating in international trade.

Europe has been caught countless times secretly funding Airbus and other large EU companies.

has maintained a fixed exchange rate and internal financing policies to gain a Trade advantage, in short everyone is guilty.