Honeyminer Signs Up 50K Users for Easy Crypto Mining App

Honeyminer, the crypto mining app that lets users earn bitcoin with laptops, is fast gaining traction. Revealed exclusively to CoinDesk, the startup‘s user base has swelled to almost 50,000 since . A third of the new customers are located in emerging markets and 5 percent hail from Africa, the company said. In the startup‘s Telegram channel, one such user in […]

Public Firm Becomes First to Launch an ICO in Singapore

An e-commerce platform that recently launched a token sale aimed to raise $50 million has become Singapore‘s first public firm to hold an ICO. Y Ventures Group, which went public on the Stock Exchange of Singapore last year, announced a  for creating a blockchain-based e-commerce system in July and sent the sale of its AORA token live at the end of […]

Bulls Get Relief as Bitcoin Price Beats $6.5K Resistance

Bitcoin‘s price rose above $6,500 Thursday, offering some respite for the badly battered bulls. The world‘s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization had fallen to $6,138 Wednesday at 16:00 UTC – its lowest level in 26 days, according to Bitfinex data. Yet, bitcoin‘s price was last seen at $6,500, up 5 percent from its most recent low. What to make of the […]

Bitcoin‘s Open Secret: Lightning Is Making Better Online Payments Possible

? That may have been a rallying cry for early bitcoin believers who saw the cryptocurrency as a superior form of payment, but excitement tapered off as bitcoin ran up against . Yet, the idea may now be coming back in vogue – apps being built on the layer-two technology , which this year entered beta, already showcase transactions traditional payments […]

Fed Up and Forking: Rival EOS Blockchains Are Becoming a Reality

It can be hard to keep track of all the struggles and controversies surrounding EOS. First came the , followed by controversy over  – then , this time on the orders of an “arbitrator” that many in the community hadn‘t realized existed. Next came a purporting to be from the arbitrator, the fallout from which led EOS architect Dan Larimer […]

World Bank Taps Australia‘s CommBank to Issue Its First Blockchain Bond

The World Bank Group has partnered with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CommBank) to issue a bond over a blockchain. CommBank, one of the “Big Four” commercial banks in Australia, said in a on Friday that it had won a mandate from the World Bank to arrange the issuance of the bond, which will be created, transferred and managed via […]

WeChat Eyes Blockchain for Faster Corporate Expense Refunds

Tech giant Tencent thinks blockchain can speed up the reimbursement of expenses for company employees, and it‘s trialing a feature on its WeChat app to do just that. According to a blog post on Friday, Tencent has piloted the application at a local restaurant in Shenzhen, China, where a user paid the bill through its existing payments service WeChat Pay. […]