Scots woman ‘negligently exposed’ to asbestos by washing clothes

A judge has ruled a woman who died from cancer was “negligently exposed” to asbestos when she washed her husband’s dirty work clothes more than 40 years ago. In the first case of its kind in Scots law, Lady Carmichael concluded Adrienne Sweeney was exposed to the substance when she laundered her husband William’s clothes in the 1960s. Mr Sweeney, […]

Huge 12-mile lake found on Mars in breakthrough discovery

A huge 12-mile wide lake of liquid water lies beneath the southern ice cap of Mars, scientists have learned. Dissolved salts are thought to keep the water fluid, despite having a temperature below freezing point. The discovery, which has major implications for the chances of life surviving on the Red Planet, was made by an orbiting European probe using ground-penetrating […]

Outrage as ‘Jobsworth’ parking attendant gives ambulance a ticket

This is the moment a parking warden issued a ticket to an ambulance parked on double yellow lines – while paramedics took their first break in eight hours. The workers for North West Ambulance Service parked up outside a supermarket while on shift to nip in for some water to drink. This shocking footage shows the moment a parking warden […]

SNP Government looks at protecting patients at abortion clinics

The Scottish Government is looking at potential measures to protect patients and staff using abortion facilities amid growing concerns over “intimidating” protests. Opposition parties calling for the introduction of “buffer zones” around clinics. Aileen Campbell, speaking in her former brief as public health minister, said ministers were looking to see if action could be taken. : The claims have been […]

‘We’re multi-millionaires but we shop at Aldi and haggle for free drinks’

Tim Connor and Francesca Armstrong both have a weakness for fancy designer shoes, with Fran owning hundreds including her favourite – Louboutins. But aside from that, the highly successful entrepreneurs don’t live the Champagne lifestyle you’d probably expect them to. Fran says she doesn‘t like splashing the cash just to show off to other people and to ‘‘keep up with […]

Scots ‘castle’ behind name of Canadian city up for sale

IT is believed to have inspired the name of the Canadian city of Calgary after a Mountie was hosted as a guest almost 150 years ago. Now Calgary Castle on the isle of Mull has been put up for sale for offers over £695,000. The detached house, which earned the nickname of “castle” due to its gothic windows and angled […]

Comment: Supreme Court struggles with quasi-colonial Scottish question

Suddenly constitutions are news. The Supreme Court is presently struggling to interpret how the UK’s largely unwritten constitution affects Scotland and the other devolved administrations. It’s a hard task and the strong likelihood is that it will produce a judgement that will be roundly condemned by one side or the other. So, how did we end up here? To paraphrase […]