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Omagh bomb victim’s family urge political agreement on anniversary

The father of one of the Omagh bombing victims marked the 20th anniversary of the explosion by urging Northern Ireland’s political leaders to reach agreement so “we can move forward”. Michael Gallagher’s son Aiden was one of the 29 people killed in the blast, who included a woman pregnant with twins, when a Real IRA car bomb ripped through Omagh […]

Scotland’s weather: Met Office issues warning of thunderstorms

The Met Office has issued a warning of thunderstorms overnight and tomorrow morning. The yellow warning, which runs until 9am, covers Dumfries, Galloway, Lothian and Borders. There is a possibility of flooding in those areas, while transport could also be affected. The Met Office says: “Thundery showers are likely to become slow-moving over parts of northern England and southern Scotland […]

Leader comment: Any help for city centres is welcome

The desire to keep town and city centres alive is not always compatible with the understandable drive to improve our environment. We may despair at the pitiful sight of high streets, the length and breadth of the country, that once buzzed with life and are now characterised by their boarded-up shop fronts and neglected buildings. But we know, too, that […]

Kevan Christie: I can tell you the answer to everything

Too many bright young things seem to think they have all the answers, forgetting the wisdom of thinkers from Socrates to Jock Stein, writes Kevan Christie. Watching the cosy Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing programme the other night, in which these national comedy treasures discuss and compare heart operations, I felt compelled to search the internet for a previous Fast […]

Scottish Government drive to help deprived students ‘flawed’

Flagship Scottish Government plans to get deprived youngsters into university have come under fire after it emerged student hopefuls from across all of Shetland have been frozen out from “clearing” spots at the country’s top institution. There are now fears that vast swathes of Scots youngsters from poorer backgrounds are being missed because of the “flawed” system which uses entire […]

Brian Monteith: ‘Education failure’ will be the Nationalist epitaph

For all its blustering bravado about holding another independence referendum, it is the sheer scale of its own incompetence that is going to sink the SNP government – and its failure on education will matter the most. The SNP once had a strategy of showing it was at least no worse than Labour and the Liberal Democrats at managing Scottish […]

Leader comment: Just the one drink won’t do

It’s a familiar refrain in pubs, kitchens, and living rooms across Scotland. It begins with the demand that one takes a drink – “just the one”. Not only do too many Scots drink too much, we’re also a nation of enthusiastic enablers; encouraging others to overindulge is seen as a measure of ones politeness. According to a new survey, more […]