Anglo American : Notice of Interim Dividend

Notice of Interim Dividend
(Dividend No. 33) Notice is hereby given that an interim dividend on the Company‘s ordinary share capital in respect of the year to
31 December 2018 will be paid as follows: Amount (United States currency) 49 cents per ordinary share (note 1) Amount (South African currency) R6.49936 per ordinary share (note 2) Last day to effect removal of shares between the United Kingdom (UK) and South African (SA) registers Monday 13 August 2018 Last day to trade on the JSE Limited (JSE) to qualify for dividend Tuesday 14 August 2018 Ex-dividend on the JSE from the commencement of trading on Wednesday 15 August 2018 (note 3) Ex-dividend on the London Stock Exchange from the commencement of trading on Thursday 16 August 2018 Record date (applicable to both the UK principal register and SA branch register) Friday 17 August 2018 Removal of shares between the UK and SA registers permissible from Monday 20 August 2018 Last day for receipt of US$:£/€ currency elections by the UK Registrars (note 1) Friday 31 August 2018 Last day for receipt of Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) mandate forms by the UK Registrars (notes 4, 5 and 6) Friday 31 August 2018 Currency conversion US$:£/€ rates announced on (note 7) Friday 7 September 2018 Last day for receipt of DRIP mandate forms by Central Securities Depository Participants (CSDPs) (notes 4, 5 and 6) Friday 14 September 2018 Last day for receipt of DRIP mandate forms by the South African Transfer Secretaries (notes 4, 5 and 6) Monday 17 September 2018 Payment date of dividend Friday 21 September 2018


1. Shareholders on the UK register of members with an address in the UK will be paid in pounds sterling and those with an address in a country in the European Union which has adopted the euro will be paid in euros. Such shareholders may, however, elect to be paid their dividends in US dollars provided the UK Registrars receive such election by Friday, 31 August 2018. Shareholders with an address elsewhere will be paid in US dollars except those registered on the SA branch register who will be paid in South African rand.

2. Dividend Tax will be withheld from the amount of the gross dividend of R6.49936 per ordinary share paid to South African shareholders at the rate of 20% unless a shareholder qualifies for exemption. After the Dividend Tax has been withheld, the net dividend will be R5.199488 per ordinary share. Anglo American plc had a total of 1,405,465,332 ordinary shares in issue, including 691,922 treasury shares, as at the date hereof. In South Africa the dividend will be distributed by Anglo American South Africa Limited, a South African company with tax registration number, in terms of the Company‘s dividend access share arrangements.

3. Dematerialisation and rematerialisation of registered share certificates in South Africa will not be effected by CSDPs during the period from the JSE ex-dividend date to the record date (both days inclusive).

4. Those shareholders who already participate in the DRIP need not complete a DRIP mandate form for each dividend as such forms provide an ongoing authority to participate in the DRIP until cancelled in writing. Shareholders who wish to participate in the DRIP should obtain a mandate form from the UK Registrars, the South African Transfer Secretaries or, in the case of those who hold their shares through the STRATE system, their CSDP.

5. In terms of the DRIP, and subject to the purchase of shares in the open market, share certificates/CREST notifications are expected to be mailed and CSDP investor accounts credited/updated on Monday 15 October 2018. CREST accounts will be credited on Wednesday 26 September 2018.

6. Copies of the terms and conditions of the DRIP are available from the UK Registrars or the South African Transfer Secretaries.

7. The US$:£/€ conversion rates will be determined by the actual rates achieved by Anglo American buying forward contracts for those currencies, during the two days preceding the announcement of the conversion rates, for delivery on the dividend payment date.



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